Jett Black - Lead vocals, guitar

In the worlds before Jett, primal chaos reigned, heaven sought order. But the eagle can fly only when its feathers are grown. Elemental forces caused the eagle to hatch, from it then came Jett Black. The nature of Jett was irrepressable!

Jett Black was a high school washout and habitual liar, often recalling “apparent” events and incidents with mainstream rockstars. When the veneer is tapped a little, the illusion shatters and he is caught out on his tall tales. Jett’s only known relative is a brother who is in comedy and film in the USA.

Somehow Jett managed to become the frontman in a band through sheer persistence (and it is believed he was sleeping with the tour manager’s sister) but one thing is certain… the boy can sing…

Jesse Jäxx - Guitar, vocals

The lovechild of Eddie Van Halen and Joan Jett, Jesse Jäxx began his career as a self-proclaimed guitar god at a very young age, bursting out of the womb and into the spotlight.

Not one to shy away from a chance to check himself out, Jäxx is also said to be credited with the invention of the ‘selfie stick’.

Jesse Jäxx can be summed up in one simple quote from his close personal friend Slash from Guns N Roses “No comment”

Bobby Phoenix - Bass, vocals

Inheriting the Phoenix family fortune generated through a hotel chain, international airline and other, not technically ‘legal’ businesses, Bobby Phoenix was born into a life of luxury.

Bobby doesn’t bother getting out of bed for less than $10,000, and often spends his days up in his penthouse where it is rumoured he partakes in various deeply spiritual or ‘tantric’ activities…

Following his recent chronic gambling addiction, Bobby found himself in trouble with the Mafia, with multiple ex-wives speaking out publicly against him attempting to claim his fortune. Bobby has since travelled to New Delhi to connect with an Indian guru and spirit guide Hazmeish, where he refocused on his spirituality and love of music.

Through his work with Hazmeish, Bobby has now achieved absolute clarity and a new purpose: to bring rock n roll back to the masses as the new bass player for All Access 80s.

Mick Fury - Drums, vocals

Born in the back streets of East LA in 1977, and billed as the so-called “tough-guy” of the group, Mick is the son of Cynthia Plaster-Caster, an infamous 70s groupie best known for making plaster casts of the appendages of famous rock stars she bedded. Still unsure about who his biological father is, Mick has narrowed down the likely suspects to Keith Moon, John Bonham or Mick Shrimpton.

Mick cut his teeth as a roadie for Grand Funk Railroad at the tender age of 4 where he would often fill in for a frequently passed-out Don Brewer. From there he played in several glam metal outfits on LA’s Sunset Strip stretching from the early to mid 1980’s. With the decline in hair metal in the late 80s and fewer paying gigs, Mick turned to illegal arms dealing in Mexico and South America, leading to his eventual arrest and sentencing to 10 years in maximum security in La Mesa Prison, Mexico.

Recently paroled and hungry to kick ass on stage again to a new generation of heavy metal fans, Mick Fury provides the thumping, pulsating, driving beat to All Access 80s (so long as his parole officer is there to accompany him every step of the way…)